24-hour home presence

As the autonomy of the elderly diminishes, a 24-hour home presence is often required to ensure the well-being of our patients. It is often very difficult for families to provide this 24-hour presence at home, and it is then necessary to call on the services of homecare companies. Disabled people may also require a 24-hour home presence, depending on their condition.

Need help?

Why is a 24-hour home presence important?

It's important that some of our patients benefit from a 24-hour home presence when they need help or face an emergency situation, during the day or at night.

Being present at home 24 hours a day not only brings peace of mind to patients and their families, but also provides the security and companionship that are essential to their well-being. Through this presence, our teams help maintain our patients' quality of life and enable them to retain a sense of independence.

Reasons to choose La Solution for your 24-hour home presence

When you call on La Solution for 24-hour home care, you're calling on a company you can trust. The teams at your disposal are dedicated and trained to meet every patient need, including the most specific.

The care provided by the solution is always tailored to patients' needs and desires, and adapts to their individual lifestyles so that they can maintain a lifestyle as close to their own as possible.

The Lysi Foundation, our partner in providing benefits for the most disadvantaged members of society

Old age and disability call for a wide range of adaptations and care to guarantee a certain quality of life for those affected. However, all these services come at a price, and it is often difficult for the most vulnerable people to finance them.

To facilitate access to care for the most vulnerable, we work in partnership with the Lysi Foundation, which covers the cost of services for the most vulnerable people, to guarantee them good access to care.

If you live in the canton of Vaud and would like to make use of the Lysi Foundation's services, please feel free to submit a financing application directly to our agency or to our e-mail address service-clients@la-solution.ch.

24-hour home care is a core service provided by our teams. It provides security and peace of mind for patients and their families. For the most disadvantaged, financial assistance can be arranged to enable you to benefit from our services. Call us on 0800 002 004 for more information.