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Nursing - canton de vaud

Nursing care is reimbursed by health insurance companies according to official LAMal tariffs. They include all the nursing procedures and protocols required for recovery or follow-up to medical treatment.

At La Solution, we set up the system that's right for you. Only healthcare professionals are involved. These are fully trained homecarenurses, rigorously selected to ensure full quality of service.

It is essential to note that all our interventions are part of a global logistic. Coordination is guaranteed with the attending physician, hospital staff (where applicable) and any recognized specialists.

Here is an overview of our care services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our approach. Relationships are of paramount importance. Patients, relatives, our team and healthcare professionals coordinate their efforts and pool their knowledge/skills to ensure comprehensive care.

Health check

Our nurses check vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation and weight. This time spent with the patient is accompanied by attentive listening.

Without ever departing from this principle, our approach focuses on listening to and accompanying people. We are always careful to contextualize our actions, and to explain what is at stake.

At the first meeting, our nurses draw up an intervention plan tailored to the new patient's needs, based on an assessment of the situation. This is always done in coordination with the attending physician, the specialized physician, the hospital, the health network and/or the family.

It goes without saying that all data collected in this context is kept strictly confidential. Only authorized persons have access to it. The underlying principle? To keep a close eye on people's health , and (re)act as quickly as possible if monitoring reveals a problem (excessively high blood pressure, excessively low pulse, etc.).

Blood tests

Our nurses are trained to take blood samples at home at the request of the attending physician or hospital. In this way, blood tests can be carried out without mobilizing the patient away from home.

It's a decisive alternative to travelling to health centers. Elderly people or those with reduced mobility don't have to make any special effort.

Any precautions to be taken, such as the need to fast before taking the drug, are communicated to the referents. This ensures that the entire process runs smoothly.

Preparing the weekly planner

Preparing the weekly plan is one of the most important services . Prescribed care must become dispensed care. If a drug is forgotten, this compromises (to a greater or lesser extent depending on the case) the effectiveness of the treatment as a whole.

Our nurses prepare the patient's medication according to the prescription of the attending physician or the hospital. The weekly plan is then managed either by the patient himself or by our health care assistants during security visits, and always according to the doctor's prescription.

Simple and complex dressings

Our nurses are trained to treat wounds of varying complexity according to the protocols established by the attending physician or hospital.

Their expertise extends to a wide range of treatments, from simple abrasions to more critical wounds requiring a specific approach.

Our approach is always compassionate and gentle, offering patients a reassuring environment.

Specific care

Our nurses are trained to insert urinary or rectal catheters, perform enemas, empty and wash ostomy pouches, insert venous lines, flush catheters, treat pumps or infusions, perform tracheostomies...

Enteral and parenteral nutrition

Our nurses are trained to administer enteral and parenteral nutrition. Parenteral nutrition is rarely available at home, as it requires mainly night-time care. However, La-solution offers this service.

Home nursing care for the canton of vaud and valais

Our care services extend to the cantons of Vaud and Valais. In addition to nursing care, we also offer a homecare solution. This includes help with shopping, housework, or accompanying you to appointments. Basic care is also part of our remit.

No two cases are treated in exactly the same way. We attach great importance to personalizing every situation. The experts who work in the homes of the elderly or people with reduced mobility are trustworthy, whatever the problems encountered.

Do you have specific questions about health insurance? Is it time for you or your loved one to undertake a needs assessment before arranging a visit? Don't hesitate to contact us now. Thanks to our organizational acumen, our nursing services for sick people are flawless.

La Solution teams are there to coordinate and ensure the quality of nursing care

Loss of autonomy should never lead to fatalism. These days, digital technologies may be decried, but their advantages are undeniable. Among other things, they make it easier for family, administration and doctors to return home...

That's why we're committed to communication and transparency when we travel around Switzerland. If you'd like to learn more about continuity of care, our values... feel free to explore the rest of the platform. Our company is committed to making everyday life easier for everyone.

nursing, La-Solution

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