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Basic home care

Specialized in home care in the canton of Vaud, we offer a wide range of services mainly dedicated to the elderly, dependent people and people with disabilities.

Toilet help

Our healthcare assistants help patients with body care, at the washbasin, etc.

This includes complete body cleansing, hair washing, nail and toenail care, tooth brushing and shaving.

Help with washing in bed

Our healthcare assistants perform body care gestures, in bed

This includes complete body grooming, nail care, tooth brushing, shaving, etc.

Shower aid

Our assistants help patients with body care, in the shower or bathtub, while ensuring their safety.

This includes full body cleansing and hair washing


Our care assistants help patients get up and get dressed, and are also on hand in the evening to help them go to bed. This presence ensures the patient's safety.

As part of their continuous presence, our healthcare assistants accompany patients to the toilet if necessary. They mobilize them for walking and eating, and actively listen to their needs.

Our auxiliaries are qualified to apply and remove compression stockings.

Safety passages

Our healthcare assistants visit the patient to ensure that medication is taken. A simple check-up can also be arranged, to provide the necessary security for the patient.

The various homecare services offered by La Solution


La Solution offers a wide range of homecare services. We always strive to tailor each of our services to the needs of each patient.

Nursing care accounts for a large proportion of the care provided by La Solution teams. This care mainly includes taking medication, injections, dressings and other types of medical care the patient may need.

Hygiene care is also in high demand. These include daily grooming, dressing and hairdressing.

In addition to all the care offered by our teams, their presence also provides emotional support for patients and their families, and helps them through difficult times.

Finally, our teams are also able to provide end-of-life support for patients and their families.

Quality home care at La Solution

In order to guarantee the quality of home care provided by La Solution, we take great care to recruit qualified, experienced and caring nurses, care assistants and other healthcare professionals to ensure quality home care.

The professionals we recruit also demonstrate a high level of empathy and listening skills, which we believe are essential if we are to establish a relationship of trust with our patients.

We offer regular training courses for our employees to keep their skills up to date, with the sole aim of constantly improving the quality of the care we provide.

Respecting the rules of professional ethics and confidentiality is very important at La Solution, in order to guarantee the privacy of each and every one of our patients.

The benefits of home care

The various homecare services we offer at La Solution are proving to be beneficial for both the patient and those around him/her.

Indeed, by using our services, the patient's loved ones are able to delegate their care responsibilities, so that they can concentrate on other aspects of their professional and personal lives, and spend more time with their loved ones.

The emotional and psychological support provided by our teams is also very important to us.

Finally, when you call on La Solution, your loved one's care is taken care of as a whole, and we take care of coordinating all the medical professionals involved in the patient's care, to guarantee comprehensive, high-quality care.

La Solution offers its patients comprehensive, personalized care, guaranteeing the safety, autonomy and fulfillment of each individual.

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail to find out more about the services we offer, and to begin a personalized consultation based on your needs.

Basic care, La-Solution

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